MPX Optional Machining Head

Items Specification Remarks
Rotation speed 12000/20000rpm(MAX) Output 400W
(reduction ratio 1/2)
Tool shank 10T (15T adaptable) Tool shank with key way
Tool shank diameter ƒÓ1.0-6.0mm Yukiwa Seiko : SG colet
Max tool protrusion 40mm
Spindle accuracy *1 Better than 2ƒÊm
Chip dust Protection slide cover

small hole milling by end-mill
screw sloting
Items Specification Remarks
Rotation speed 5000-60000rpm
Max power 370W
Spindle accuracy *1 less than 1ƒÊm
Colet chuck ƒÓ0.5-6.0mm Optional
Air consumption 30 Liter/min

Small hole drilling and EDM processing are possible.
Low price of Fixed electrode EDM is also available.
Items Specification Remarks
Rotation speed 3000rpm(MAX) Servo motor indexing is available
Motor output 150W
Spindle accuracy *1 Better than 2ƒÊm
Colet chuck ƒÓ1.0-7.0mm Optional

High Pressure Pump send oil to small pipe electrode
(with guide bush for electrode)
Items Specification Remarks
Electrode diameter ƒÓ0.1-0.2mm Rotation 1000rpm (MAX)
Electrode length 300mm (MAX) Z axis standard 200mm
High pressure pump liquid pressure 5Mpa Output 30W
(reduction ratio 50)

<EDM power supply (A single axis can respond during EDM operation)>
EDM max power output For standard and fine hole process 750W
EDM process parameter input Process motion table, EDM power condition table 20
EDM command Selection by dedicated command, EDM power table selection by M code
LORAN Function Horizontal reciprocating motion in process axis
(Circular, Square and Cross)
Jump back Function Make large backward motion by timer interval

*1 Spindle accuracy is defined by run-out of inside taper of spindle.

Other Options

Ultra Sonic Wave Spindle
Ultra Sonic Wave Spindle

Examples of machining

Milling process
Milling process
Milling & Grinding process
Milling & Grinding process

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