Message from our President

President, Takeo Oguchi
Management Principles of Takashima Sangyo Group
We are committed to contributing to society by manufacturing, utilizing our whole capability.
We are committed to environment-friendly production, because human happiness is our top priority.
We are committed to our assignments, being proud of our challenging spirit.
Takashima Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Takashima Sangyo(H.K.) Limited / Takashima Sangyo(S.Z.) Limited

Welcome to the Takashima Sangyo Web Site. We are manufacturers of metal and ceramic small parts, machinery and equipment, based on high-precision processing technology. We have now factories in Japan and China, and sales offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong. We set up the above corporate philosophy on March 1st, 2005.
"Make your dream come true" is our cherished motto. We work together for contribution to our local societies through manufacturing. We should make our full effort to conserve the environment for next generations. You can expect us always young and can-do attitude to develop new business with you. Your challenging projects, such as new type component or machinery, or something new process required, are much welcome. Please enjoy our web page.
We sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours truly,

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