Multiple Function Desktop Process Machine MPX

Multiple Function Desktop Process Machine MPX
As a micro-parts manufacturer with expertise accumulated over 50 years, we are confident this machine tool will contribute to your success in business.

Applicable to various machining
Milling / Grinding / EDM / Laser processing
and general purpose Positioning system

High Accuracy & Rigidity

Repeatability : Error less than }2ƒÊm.
Granite Base : reduces thermal changes and deformation during machining.

Saving Energy & Space

Takashima #30 M/C MPX Ratio
Installation area (W)1600~(D)2000mm
(63" ~79")
Weight of main body 2500kg 160kg 1/15
Power consumption / Voltage 15kVA/AC200V 1.5kVA/AC200V 1/10
Capacity of coolant 100L 20L 1/5

Comparing with the machine with eguivalent static rigidity


We customize MPX for your intended use.
See the application examples for reference.
Or share your idea about MPX application with us.Contact us

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