ISO14001 Environmental Policy

We, Takashima Sangyo Co., Ltd., will do our best to protect next-generation global environment to coexist with nature in the local area when we do our business of manufacturing watch parts, electrical components, medical components and ceramic parts and designing and manufacturing FA machineries.
Followings are the Takashima Environmantal Policies.

1. We will prevent environmental pollutions by constructing environmental management system and implementing continuous improvement technically and economically as much as possible.
2. We will promise to follow the rules of environmental restrictions and other requirements we can consent.
3. We will work for environmental preservation activities by settling environmental objectives to reduce environmental loading, by training employees and by working together with subsidiaries.
4. We will promote the following 4Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle).
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce wastes
  • Proper management of solvent and chemical substances (including product containing chemical substances)
  • Creation and application of environmental loading reduction facilities, technologies and products

We will release these environmental policies corresponding to the outside demand.

Revised on February 19, 2008
President Takeo Oguchi

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