Engraving and jewelry industry

1. Engraving System

Three-axis simultaneous machining
[Functions and Features]
Engraving System
Multi-axis Engraving System
Three-axis simultaneous machining
High-speed spindle for engraving
Light-weight three heads
Ready for CAD/CAM
High precision engraving
*Degree of accuracy: 0.01mm; 0.001mm (option)
Working fluid circulation unit with a filter

2. Milling with 3-D CAM

[Functions and Features]

Built-in edge CAM
Data format: SolidWorks, DXF, CATIA, AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer

3. Four-axis Concurrency Control System

3D machining system with synchronized rotary chuck A-axis
[Functions and Features]

Spindle with drawbar function (Max. 20,000rpm)
ATC for six kinds of tools (BT10)
Fine rotary sroll chuck
Tail stock unit
Tool length compensation touch sensor
Wet process (cutting fluid)
Long stroke Z-axis

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